Mighty Jump is designed for 4, 6, or 8 cylinder gas powered cars, light trucks, & SUVs that use a 12 volt electrical system. The Mighty Jump WILL NOT provide ample energy to bring a defective battery back up to a usable recharge level. The testing procedure, where you simply insert the power adapter into your power port accessory, is designed to tell you if your car battery will or can accept the charge, before you begin the process. If you DO NOT get a green light, your Mighty Jump will not work and it tells you that your car battery needs professional servicing and/or possible replacement.


NOTE: DO NOT CHARGE MIGHTY JUMP BEFORE FIRST USE! Unit comes precharged from factory Before use make sure all electrical accessories are turned off.



 Step 1: Test the Battery. Connect the cigarette lighter end of the Mighty Jump cord into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. Make sure that the switch on the cigarette lighter end of the cord is in the rearward position. Then turn the key in the ignition to the accessory position, usually one quarter turn of the key. If you get a GREEN LIGHT on the cigarette lighter end of the plug, continue. If not your battery may be damaged and unable to charge.


Step 2: Test Electrical System. Leaving the Mighty Jump plugged into your vehicle, turn on the headlights. Leave them on for 10-15 seconds. Turn them off. If the GREEN LIGHT on the cigarette lighter end of the plug stays on, move to Step 3. If NO GREEN LIGHT IS ON your electrical system may be damaged, professional help may be needed.


Step 3: Charging the Vehicle. Move switch to the forward position. Connect the plug end of the cord into outlet on the top of the Mighty Jump. The GREEN LIGHT will appear brighter, this means the battery is accepting the charge from the Mighty Jump. Wait 10 minutes. DO NOT EXCEED 15 MINUTES OF CHARGE TIME WHEN CHARGING YOUR VEHICLE AS THIS MAY CAUSE THE MIGHTY JUMP UNIT TO OVERHEAT. After 10 minutes have passed move to Step 4.


Step 4: Start the Vehicle. Now start your vehicle, do not pump the gas while you are starting your vehicle. Pumping the gas could cause engine flooding and stop the vehicle from starting.


Step 5: Charging the Mighty Jump. Charge the Mighty Jump only after your vehicle is operating, and running smoothly. With the cords still connected, push the switch on the cigarette lighter end down (rearward). The green light will be illuminated. Leave your vehicle running with the Mighty Jump plugged in for about 45 minutes.


Step 6: Storing. Once your vehicle and Mighty Jump are charged, disconnect all plugs. You can store your Mighty Jump in your glove box, trunk, or cup holder. We recommend you do not store the Mighty Jump plugged in.



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